“We offer one of the unique service in Nepal. Our expertise and skilled team has been our main strength and we are further looking to expand our horizon with higher standard and visionary policy.”

best Upgrades

We provide best upgrade to your existing system 

spare parts

Both custom built or factory made spare parts for your machines 

experienced team

Team with core academic and field experience to provide you best service.


We provide standard and reliable assistive device service. Our team with good experience in developing and providing service to wheelchairs has been very successful providing service for assistive device users. 

  • General maintenance 
  • Special maintenance 
  • Paint job

Both old or new wheelchair are customized according to the user specifications. 

  • Wheels
  • Brakes 
  • Hand and Foot rest 

Mechanical Service

Dedicated team of engineers and technicians with experience in CNC machine and other mechanical technology. 

We supply and install CNC machines according to your technical specifications.

  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC milling
  • CNC laser cutting

Since 2016 we have trained faculties and students from diploma college around the country .

  • 12 hours CNC Technology training 
  • Mechanical Software(modeling and analysis) Training 
  • Annual maintenance contract (AMC)
  • General maintenance 
  • Machine repair 
  • Spare parts 
  • Part customization 

industrial automation

 Modern-day industry thrives in high-end automation and increased efficiency. Here we provide a complete automation package for your industry. We develop the best system according to your specific need and proposed work.

  • Electronics system  
  • Mechanical system 
  • Control system 
  • Industrial automation 
  • Workshop automation 
  • Annual maintenance 
  • System upgrade 
  • System  repair 
  • CCTV monitoring 
  • Hazard alarm 
  • Emergency alarm
  • Plant integrity  

Major clients

Wheelchair service

Thau Wheelchair Workshop
Balaju School of Engineering and technology ( Diploma block)
Balaju Industrial District